Glacier Walk - walk on ice

Svinafellsjokull glacier pig glacier

The drive from Reykjavik to Svinafellsjokull takes about three and half hour. In this tour we drive to the tip of an out sled glacier from Vatnajokull ice cap, put on crampons, and with ice axe in hand we make about a 2 km guided excursion onto the glacier.

The trip is exclusive just for you, we don’t mix clients in our groups, so it will be easy do do the trip in a way that suits you and your family or friends. If you bring children of course the route will be kept to their ability, but if you and your friends are quite fit we can walk more technical route.

The glacier surface and color changes a lot depending on the time of year, but one thing is true for the whole year, it is always an out of this world experience to walk on a glacier.

We drive back in the evening and stop where the landscape rules. Visit pearls like Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss. On the way we will see monumental cliffs, black-sand beaches, thundering waterfalls, and silent white glaciers.

Vox naturae - Svinafellsjokull – will be transformed into a work of art and illuminated dramatically to show how the climate is effectively shrinking these magnificent frozen wonders

It is option to take longer hiking tour.

Departures: Start at 9.00 AM. from Reykjavik or from your accommodaton.
Duration: 9 hours
Price: €379

Jeep: Reykjavík - Svinafellsjokull - Reykjavík.
Glacier walk, 2 hours on Svinafellsjokull
Equipment provided crampons + ice axe + helmet + harness

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