Waterfall tours


All the year round, full of sheer power and raw beauty. Waterfalls in south Iceland.

First we visit the National Park, Thingvellir and Öxaráfoss. Next the golden Gullfoss and Geysir in second chapter. After that Urridafoss, the largest and most spectacular of all the waterfalls of river Thjorsa. Then we take the famous Seljalandsfoss and rectangular Skogafoss (Forest Falls). Foss á Síðu is next and near Kirkjubaejarklaustur we will see Systrafoss, Rauðárfoss and Stjornarfoss. On the way back we visit Reykjafoss in Hveragerði. Powerful waterfall trips or safari convoys are an experience of a lifetime.

Video showing waterfalls in South Iceland on YouTube Waterfalls in South Iceland.

Departures: Start at 9.00 AM. from Reykjavik or from your accommodaton.
Duration: 8 hours
Price: €235

Jeep: Reykjavík - Kirkjubaejarklaustur - Reykjavík. Driverguide.

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